Bathrooms of the Week!

Wendy’s  (Georgia Ave/ Petworth) Pleasantly surprised at how unsmelly and clean their bathroom was. Compared to the smell of hobos inside and outside of Wendy’s their bathroom is pretty grand.

 Trader Joes (Foggy Bottom). Really feeling the product selection you got there TJ. And no paper towels! Word.

 Thai Coast. So disappointing because look how nice it is outside!

 So deceiving, you Thai Coast you

 Target! (Columbia Heights) A little stinky but Target can do no wrong in my book.


I Love Me Some Murals! –> Columbia Heights

Bathrooms of the Week! (photos)

National Art Gallery  –> Why so wide? Maybe it’s modern art? You be the judge.

 Thaitanic II –> I like.

 Braun Dermatology –> I like small bathrooms a lot, but for taking pictures, it was quite a challenge. I finally gathered the nerves to pop the door open to do what I needed to do. “That’s right old people, I’m taking a picture of the bathroom.”

Rumors –> nothing really special and very stinky. A No No!

 SEI –> Very simple and earth tone, I approve. The napkins are big and towel like (not to mention w/ flowers!) but let’s hope that they’re economical and from recycled paper. If not, I’d be, “really? seriously? can we please put an air hand dryer up in here, please!?”

Get in My Belly, RICE!

Not being a picky eater, I always thought I cook some crazy meals, throwing whatever that is around together– a union of just plain randomness. Oy Hoy! But now, as I’m reflecting and putting this blog together, I realize that those meals were quite good! Or maybe, perhaps, it’s just the power of rice.

Fried tofu, tomatoes, shrimp (from home, thanks Mom!), siracha sauce, and rice!

Grilled chicken, green onion, steamed broccoli and rice! —>What does that chicken’s shape remind you of? 😛

Egg omelet with spinach and mushrooms, pickled carrots and jicama (do chua), potatoes, and rice!

 Tuna, steamed broccoli, green onion, and rice!

I Heart Me Some Murals –>Mt. Pleasant

Bathrooms of the Week!

Busboys and Poets on U-Street. Purrrrrrty

Tonic, my new favorite burger joint in Mt. Pleasant.

Omni Hotel, Woodley park. swankydy swank swank!

Vapiano in Dupont. Hi sink, are you an “innie” or an “outie?”

I fell in love with this sink and upon telling my friends, one replied, “You know why they do that, right?”……”So people want piss in it.”
Another friend chimes in, “Actually, it’s so people won’t poop in it.”

Gee, thanks yall.

I Heart Me Some Murals!–>U Street