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Advert Fail by airTran

“Place a pretzel in mouth. With each crunch, be reminded of our low fares.” LOL.

Oh please, get over yourself airTran.
Btw, $450 RT from Washington  (DCA) to Seattle (SEA) is not that cheap!


Photos: Roadkill at Georgia Ave

I almost stepped on this flat rat while walking to work today (7/13/10)……………………Appetizing.

 And nine days later (07/22/10), the rat moves a couple of inches, adds some color to it’s complexion, but is still flat. 

Photo of the Day- "What the Pho?"

Seattle, Pho Mecca outside of Viet Nam? Something about the rain and pho…ineffable.

Photo of the Day

Photo Booth at Arrow, Lower Eastside, New York

Bathrooms of the Week! (New York Style)

Canteen 82, Upper West Side

Asian Bar, St. Marks’ Lower East Side. Clearly not called Asian Bar- I just can’t seem to remember my nights partying in NYC. 😛

Fika Cafe, Financial District

Arrow Bar, Lower East Side

Unknown Bar, Lower East–> Again, totally forgot where I was, lol.

The Gap, Lexington and 59th

Photo of the Day

Valhalla, “upstate” New York

Bathrooms of the Week!

Zaytinya, Penn Quarter, a waiting bench inside the bathroom? Freaky deaky but also kinda classy!

Grand Hyatt, south end of parking lot on H and and 10th where Boltbus docks, Metro Station –> Ladies and Gents, that right there would be a tv screen embedded in the mirror.

Press Club, Metro Center-ish Area-ish –> For a private joint where only press club members can come and enjoy around the clock free popcorn and cheap drinks, their bathroom should be more, if not vibrant, then more historical and newsy.

Meridian Park, between U Street and Columbia Heights  —> It was actually flooding in there that day, so I had to do my business on my tiptoes. Despicable!