Bathrooms of the Week! (photos)

National Art Gallery  –> Why so wide? Maybe it’s modern art? You be the judge.

 Thaitanic II –> I like.

 Braun Dermatology –> I like small bathrooms a lot, but for taking pictures, it was quite a challenge. I finally gathered the nerves to pop the door open to do what I needed to do. “That’s right old people, I’m taking a picture of the bathroom.”

Rumors –> nothing really special and very stinky. A No No!

 SEI –> Very simple and earth tone, I approve. The napkins are big and towel like (not to mention w/ flowers!) but let’s hope that they’re economical and from recycled paper. If not, I’d be, “really? seriously? can we please put an air hand dryer up in here, please!?”

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