Clothes in Heaven Part 2/2

Here are some of the lost items (mainly clothes) that I hope to reunite with so I can bid farewell properly and burn them away!

  • Gloves, Washington DC (2009): I’m too cheap to coat check so I try to find the best hiding place place in any club. At this particular club,  I was really proud of my nook behind the speakers but somehow managed to leave with out my gloves! W.T.F.
  • Hat, Cancun, Mexico, (2009): One moment, I was a wearing a cap (which I found btw). The next thing you know, we’re looking at pictures of me wearing the cap, and I’m going, “Where the hell did it go?”
  • Black Dickies Jacket, San Francisco, (2008): Found this “go-to jacket” on the streets of SF during 1st semester of Grad school. Lost it at a club during my last semester. Fitting isn’t it? I can only pray it’s serving the next person as well as it did to me.
  • Jeans, Panama,  (2007):  Jumped into the sea with my jeans then had to carry it around everywhere to dry. Jeans take forever!  On a transfer station to Isla Coiba, I left the bus with my almost dried jeans hanging on the seat. 
  • Sleeping Bag, Toronto, Canada (2002): I was so tired from all the festivities of World Youth Day 2002 that I crawled under a seat on the metro to nap. I didn’t even realize it was missing until it was time to sleep. 
      • Windbreaker, Helsinki, Finland, (1997): During my first trip abroad to Europe at the tender age of 15, I left my friends to run across a set of train tracks. Along the way, there were droppings from my backpack. Most notably, the only jacket I packed for the trip was missing. Sadness. 😦

      Now, there are those clothing articles, especially undergarments that you wouldn’t mind losing but they just won’t quit. And of course you can’t quit on it either!

      RIP Happy Face boxers.

      Somewhere in North Viet Nam, (2006)


      2 responses to this post.

      1. Testing…1, 2, 3…Nice boxers 🙂 Keep writing! I'm an avid blog reader.


      2. I love your ripped underwear…your underwear is so happy. I want your underwear.


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