Freedom Farters

I was on the subway yesterday (like always) heading to work during rush hour when an unknown individual let it rip hardcore. Nope, not a loud one, but a silent but deadly (SBD).  

Which, totally got me thinking about those people that pass gas in confine locations among strangers: subways, clubs, churches, temples, elevators, and the list goes on.

1) First knee jerk reaction: WTF?

2) Next, did anybody smell that too? How come there is no mini-revolution to call that S@%t out?!!

3) Then, was it accidental or intentional?

4) If the latter, are you doing it for laughs? Is it perceived as a rude act where you come from?

5) Where DO you come from? (I just love this question regardless because everybody has an interesting story, no?)

6) What are you thinking before the release? I’d love to get into their psyche during the whole decision making process and especially, the second before they relax their sphincter.

7) After it’s out there, how do they keep a straight face?
 (Note to self: Next time someone cuts the cheese, my eyes go directly to faces, staring at them dead on)

Just saying……


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