Clothes in Heaven 1/2

Today, I lost my beanie somewhere during the commute back home on the Green line. I am infamous for losing things so just like all the other incidents , I went “Oh Boogers!” for half a second and then, went, “Oh well.”

However, this time totally got me thinking profoundly the rest of the way home about all the clothing articles I’ve misplaced in my life.  I imagined myself reuniting with all them when I’m in limbo, collecting  and reminiscing about how each one played a temporal role in expressing my individuality. In the end, I’d burn this tower of tangible goods in preparation to enter into the intangible world.

Wow, I can’t believe my post came out all crazy deep like that! Next time, I promise it’ll be more on the lighter side, where I recount occasions where I was a complete space cadet,  losing jackets and sleeping bags while traveling. 

See you next time!


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