A New City, A New Attitude, A New Blog

Hello friends,

Today marks my 2nd week anniversary living in Washington D.C.  It seems like I’ve been here forever though- My ability to adapt surprises me at times.

Before I arrived, I secretly told myself (and a selected few) that I’m going to take on new character traits. One in particular is to be more loving; more terms of endearments, more affection towards others, love, love, love!

That goal has now been replaced with a new alter ego, a big fat East Coast attitude, which so far is broken down into:

1) Morning Commute Attitude: aka Don’t stand on the left hand side of escalators, or I’ll have to say something.  Also, please walk faster or I will totally cut you off. Hey, just going with traffic here.

2) Taxi Attitude:  Taxi’s here will take the longest route to skew the meter. They’ll also not drive you somewhere if they don’t want to. And finally, they’ll restart the meter every time you leave the cab, say to make sure your friend gets in ok.
So…..taxi drivers: Get out of my face!

3) “Don’t Even Think About Cutting In Line” Attitude:  I was next in line for Empanadas when my fellow Asian sista swooped in and started ordering. Even the cashier guy called her out. And yes, so did I. “Excuse me,” I proclaimed. Be proud, I gave her a mini lecture and took the high road and let her go first. Psh!

Experiencing a completely new environment is at times overloading, but I absolutely love and embrace it all. This attitude is a new exterior—No hate whatsover towards the taxi drivers, my Asian sista and all those slow morning tourists, which btw, wtf, why are you up so early?

Peace out from DC.


P.S. I’ve been yelping my booty off so if any of you are in the DC area, hopefully I can help your stay, jasondodo.yelp.com!

P.S.S. So how was my first blog entry after a loonnng hiatus? Fire away folks! Or, just comment so I can feel nostalgic. Oh California……


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